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Pure Agar Agar Powder for use in pastry and cooking. Agar Agar is a seaweed grown in the south china sea. Originally a dark brown colour, this is boiled several times and then washed to remove all colour, smell, taste and impurities, resulting in long wrinkled strands of seaweed. The seaweed is dried intensely in special isolated warehouses to avoid any new smell from mixing with it, and then crushed into a fine powder.

Agar Agar Powder has natural gelling properties, much like gelatine and is a substitute for gelatine in puddings, jellies, and some soups and broths. Originally very popular amongst muslims and hindus who cannot eat gelatine for religious reasons, Agar Agar is now very popular as it's also completely vegan and environmentally sustainable.

Regency Agar Agar Powder is made from specially selected weeds that have higher gelstrength than your average agar agar (measured in grams per litre), and has a gel strength of approx 600g/l.

Agar Agar Cooking Notes

Cuisine... Egyptian, Indian, Lebanese, European

Food Pairings... Jellies, Soups, broths, creme brulee, mousse, puddings, fruit, sugar

Flavour / Tastes Like... No taste!

Serving size... 1 gram

Directions for use... Infuse in a liquid much like gelatin, and heat to thicken.

Agar Agar Technical Notes

Origin... China

Quality*... Grade AA

Also known as... agar jelly, agaric, Agar-Agar, Agarose, Agarose Gel, Agaropectin, Agarweed, Algue de Java, Chinese Gelatin, Colle du Japon, Garacilaria confervoides, Gélatine de Chine, Gelidiella acerosa, Gelidium amanasii, Gelidium cartilagineum, Gelidium crinale, Gelidium divaricatum, Gelidium pacificum, Gelidium vagum, Gelosa

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